Caeli-LE Mono Power Amplifier 

The Emotive Audio Caeli-LE mono power amplifiers offer top-tier performance and design. The Caeli--LEs are a single-ended 300B design, but are different from conventional SE amps in several ways. First, the Caeli-LEs use a direct cathode follower driver for the 300B power tube. The cathode follower driver's low impedance allows it to better control the 300B for improved linearity and better sound. This step-up in performance is taken even further with our active load circuit for the cathode follower tube. Conventional circuits tend to load the cathode follower tube inadequately which is detrimental to the circuits overall performance. But, by loading the cathode follower with an active, high impedance current source, we eliminate these problems. This yields greatly improved audio quality. And, as a direct drive circuit, there is no coupling capacitor to degrade the audio between the driver tube and the 300B.

As with any SE design, the Caeli-LE's power supply has a significant effect on its audio performance. So, we've given very careful consideration to the audio circuits power requirements. Each Caeli-LE mono amplifier uses three separate power transformers and three separate filter chokes as well as a variety of high quality filter capacitors and resistors.

In both the power supply and audio circuits, the Caeli-LE's component parts quality is stellar. We use Black Gate filter capacitors, ASC polypropylene in oil filter capacitors, Mills resistors, Cardas RCA jacks, our own specially made polypropylene and tin foil coupling capacitors, and a host of other carefully selected component parts. As with all of our products, each of the parts we've selected for the Caeli-LEs was chosen after exhaustive listening tests.

Finally, it is obvious looking at the Caeli-LEs that they are unlike any other audio product available. Each set is truly a hand made work of art. Our metal chassis are individually designed and acid etched for us by Evy Rogers of Jacob-Rogers art furniture--highly respected metal artists. Each piece is signed and there are no repeated designs. Our standard finish is a bright nickel plate with beautiful Granadillo wood.

At Emotive Audio, the music has always been our inspiration. As with all of our products, we make the Caeli-LEs to honor the music that will be played through them. In this effort, the Caeli-LE mono amplifiers represent our finest work.